Does Vitamin D Increase Testosterone Levels

Like it or not, that’s the way men are, have been and always will be! Even the meekest, nerdiest among the male populace will have greater interest in stuff that’s at least adrenaline pumping if not downright violent. Don’t believe me? Well, the next time you go visit that studious, geeky friend of yours, make sure to check out his video games collection – shoot me in my head if you don’t find the likes of Call of Duty, Transformers, Metal Gear, Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto among his games collection. Even then, the covers of these would probably be worn out more than the others owing to the great number of times they’ve been played and handled! Just as the meekest and smallest of dogs is a wolf at heart, the shiest and timidest specimen of the human male population is still a testosterone tank.
Although even women have some amount of testosterone in them, the levels are not as high as those in men and the effects of testosterone are usually overridden by the high levels of the female hormone, estrogen. Now, speaking of the titular issue about the possible connection between vitamin D and testosterone levels, is it really true? Does a healthy vitamin D intake by the body contribute towards increasing testosterone levels? Let’s find out!
Vitamin D and Testosterone – What’s the Connection?
Nutritionists and health care researchers have long held that a healthy amount of vitamin D intake does seem to increase testosterone levels in the body. The evidence presented in support for their arguments included the manifestation of similar physical indications – enhanced athletic performance and physical endurance in particular – when the results of experiments comparing physical performance and endurance levels of subjects with naturally high testosterone levels and subjects taking vitamin D supplements were compared. Now, at this point, let’s take a few seconds to refresh a little basic biology. We all know that testosterone is a steroid hormone. Like all other steroid hormones produced by the body, testosterone is a derivative of cholesterol.
Vitamin D, which is a fat soluble vitamin, exists in two major forms which, for the sake of simplicity, we refer to as vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Among the two, vitamin D3 is the most abundantly available variety as it is made by the skin when exposed to UVB radiations, besides being present in certain dietary sources. Now, when you take a very, very close look at the chemical structure of vitamin D3 at its molecular level, you will find a striking resemblance between the molecular structures of this form of vitamin and testosterone! So, going by the experimental evidence and scientific facts cited above, it would not be a fallacy to conclude that there does exist a direct connection between vitamin D and testosterone levels.
Vitamin D to Boost Testosterone Levels – How Safe is It?
Way safer than taking testosterone shots or steroidal supplements, I would say! Nowadays, not many among us are ignorant of the dangers associated with taking artificial steroids and steroid hormone shots to enhance athletic performance or to build muscle mass. However, when you take vitamin D supplements to increase testosterone levels, you cut out all those artificial hormone related risks besides basking in the glory of many other health benefits the sunshine vitamin packs! Your bones get stronger from within, your body is better able to absorb more calcium from dietary sources, risk of cancer is reduced owing to inhibition of unnecessary cellular proliferation, your immune system gets stronger, your blood pressure remains stable – the benefits are endless and all these are just the bonuses you earn when your chief aim is to just increase your testosterone levels!
So, it can be safely stated in conclusion that vitamin D intake does have a positive effect when it comes to boosting testosterone levels and taking vitamin D supplements to increase testosterone levels is a safer alternative to taking artificial steroids. That does make vitamin D the vitamin to dig for all males out there who wish to raise their macho quotient a couple of notches higher. Truly, Vitamin Dude!


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